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January 2010
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Out of beta!

We are out of beta! We have been toiling hard to implement new tests, make the existing ones more robust, and improve the user interface. Among the changes we are rolling out today are:

  • New tests. We now provide a path MTU test, IP fragmentation analysis, DNS proxy examination, DNS SERFVAIL wildcarding detection, more precise clock drift detection, and check correct resolution of a lot more names. Besides the improved client-side transcript you can now inspect the server-side one, which is useful for debugging highly troubled sessions. In addition, we have improved the robustness of the existing tests in many ways.

  • Interface improvements. A frequent complaint we received was that the results summary is overwhelming. As a first step to improve the situation, you can now selectively show or hide result summary detail. On the summary page, you find clickable plus/minus symbols that will expand/collapse test results on the entire page, in a particular test class, or on a particular test. When you first arrive at the summary page, any issues we have noticed remain expanded by default.

    Visibility toggle

    To give you an idea of how successful a particular set of tests was, we now provide a color summary in collapsed results. These show successful tests (green), mild anomalies (orange), and real problems (red) in proportion to their occurrence in the collapsed results:

    Color summary

  • Updated info pages. Each of our tests comes with an info page, available by clicking on the test's name (such as "Path MTU" in the above). We have given those info pages a makeover, which will hopefully make them easier to understand and more useful to less technical users.

Tuesday, January 12 2010, 12:00 PST + Permalink + Tags: beta, improvements