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December 2011
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A new release, celebrating 400,000 sessions!

Today we pushed out a round of updates to the Netalyzr codebase. Most importantly, we dropped the HTTP content test that downloads the EICAR test virus. Even though this file is completely harmless, some anti-virus systems take it just as seriously as real malware. When detecting the file, these systems cut off all of Netalyzr's connectivity, causing a failure of the test session to complete. Many thanks to our users for alerting us to this problem—it's a great example of the unexpected things we encounter during the tests.

In terms of new features, we have added initial testing of DNS root server behavior. Netalyzr now checks whether it can actually reach all DNS root servers and whether querying them works as intended. We have also beefed up our regression testing and as a consequence fixed a number of result rendering glitches in the test reports.

A few weeks ago the Netalyzr session counter crossed the 400,000 mark. We would like to take this opportunity for a sincere Thank You to all of our users for continuing to run Netalyzr! We always welcome your feedback and suggestions at

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