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Netalyzr's Command-Line Client

In some situations it would be quite handy to run Netalyzr remotely, for example to test connectivity of a machine whose user has just reported problems, or to schedule a run at a particular time of the day. To accomodate these use cases, we now provide a Netalyzr command-line client in addition to the web-based applet. The client executes exactly the same code as the applet running in a browser—the only difference is that the tests are wrapped into a stand-alone, text-only Java application instead of an applet.

To use the command-line client, download the JAR archive below and execute it as shown. More help on running JAR-packaged code is available here. Once Netalyzr is running, you will see textual feedback at the console that looks very much like the one presented during a web-based Netalyzr session:

$ java -jar NetalyzrCLI.jar                        
====      ICSI Netalyzr CLI, build 37456       ====
====          15-03-2011 22:36:30 UTC          ====
==== ID ae81b058-11263-d2e5cc18-13c9-4d4d-b78c ====

00:02 02/91  Checking local vs. global IP address...

The last line of the output updates continuously, showing total test time and the currently executing test. Once the tests complete, the client reports the URL at which you can inspect the session's results.

The client has a few flags of note which should assist those who want to invoke Netalyzr from another program

Download the Netalyzr client