The ICSI Netalyzr
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Debug your Internet.

The Netalyzr analyzes various properties of your Internet connection that you should care about — including blocking of important services, HTTP caching behavior and proxy correctness, your DNS server's resilience to abuse, NAT detection, as well as latency & bandwidth measurements — and reports its findings in a detailed report. You can check out an example report from a real network to get a better idea of our tests.

To perform these tests, the Netalyzr runs a Java applet on your computer. You may be asked to confirm network-related activities that your system's applet security policy or firewall considers sensitive. We hope that you will permit any such activity, as it will ensure more comprehensive test results. For details on the tests that will be performed please visit the FAQ section.

Click the link below to launch the probe applet. If you don't see a clickable link, you don't have Java installed, it is not enabled in your browser, or your runtime is incompatible. In that case, see the FAQ section for help. Users of Firefox's "NoScript" add-on may need to reload this page and wait a few seconds for Java to start.