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Netalyzr Privacy Policy

In this document we describe the information our service (and the Android app, in particular) collects, what we do with this information, and to which extent we share information with third parties. We also explain use of sensitive Android permissions in the app.

What information we collect

Netalyzr is an academic research project by the International Computer Science Institute and its collaborators. The service conducts a wide range of tests and active measurements to inform you about deficiencies in your network connectivity. In order to provide this service the app conducts a wide array of carefully crafted test connections to our backend servers, and employs system APIs that provide additional helpful context.

Netalyzr does not employ any passive measurement techniques, i.e., methods that access your personal, organic use of the device. For example, Netalyzr by default doesn't know what apps you have installed on your device, where you take your device, or which websites you visit on the device. Netalyzr's data collection is fully self-contained, consisting only of information it derives from its own network traffic.

Netalyzr's measurement connections consist of TCP and UDP traffic to our backend and contains several application-layer protocols, such as DNS and HTTP, constructed to elicit diagnostic information from the network path and our backend servers. The system uses the resulting response traffic to diagnose the presence of potential problems in the configuration and performance of systems involved in your network connectivity, such as your gateway device and your ISP's infrastructure.

Concretely, we collect:

How we use this information

The information we collect serves two purposes:

What information we share

We never share personally identifiable information (such as your email address or device IMEI) with anyone, ever.

In order to advance our research, we may choose to share select measurement results (such as the connectivity speeds in a certain geographical area) with our research collaborators.

Android permission usage

We now describe Android permissions the app requires, as well as the extent to which users can opt in/out of their use in the app's settings dialog.

For further details about Android permissions, we encourage you to read Android's official documentation.